Kyntronics Advantages

EHA (Electro-Hydraulic Actuation) Advantages

The EHA's efficient method of converting power leads to a smaller cost effective package. The EHA design holds a load without an external brake using simple valves.

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More Force with Less Space

Force equals Area x PSI

On-board Pressure Sensor Provides Force Feedback

Exponential force with small increases in cylinder size.
e.g. from 2.5" to 3" (20% inc) the force increases (44%)

Actuation Technology Advantages
EHA Electro-Mechanical Central Hydraulic Pneumatic
High Energy Efficiency X      
Compact – High Force Density X   X  
Quiet X      
Modular Design – Scalable X   X X
Flexible Integration X X    
Brushless Servo Control - Precise & Repeatable X X    
Holds position without a brake X   X X
Integral force feedback X   X  
Environmentally tough X   X X
Versatile input voltages X X    
Network Integration (CAN, Ethernet etc) X X    
Stand-Alone Package X X    
Actuation Technology Challenges
Electro-Mechanical Central Hydraulic Pneumatic
Larger package size Continuous running pump - inefficient Difficult to control
Requires a brake to hold position Expensive to accurately control Costly installation
Back driving the screw under load Leaky connectors / hoses & fittings Leaky connectors / hoses & fittings
Susceptible to contaminants Slow response Bang-Bang operation
Gearing / metal-metal / screw inefficiencies Difficult to coordinate multiple cylinders Limited Force
Backlash Costly installation Dirty Air
Many pieces Expensive infrastructure Energy inefficient
Noisy Noisy Noisy