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First-Class Commercial Airplane Seating Actuation System

Kyntronics worked closely with the world's leading OEM of Premium Class Aircraft Seats and Interiors to implement an actuation system that provided several competitive advantages. Using Kyntronics' Electro-Mechanical Actuation (EMA) platform, the system provides multiple-axis coordinated motion for even the most complex seating requirements. The advantage of the new design include:

  • Modified Linear and Rotary EMAs that were quiet, powerful yet very lightweight… critical for airplane use.
  • Special software was developed that coordinated multiple actuators simultaneously to create a very smooth and comfortable passenger experience.
  • Using Kyntronics' 2-wire Power Line Communications wiring system between actuators and electronic modules reduced weight further, simplified installation and reduced cost.
  • Provided the control interface and software to the aircraft In-flight Entertainment System for passenger control of the seat, lighting and surrounding suite components.
  • Kyntronics engineers worked closely with the OEM to certify the actuation system for aircraft use.

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Other Aerospace Applications

  • Jetways 
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Gate Support Equipment
  • Cargo Hatches

Kyntronics Actuator Benefits for Aerospace Applications:

Products - Electro-Hydraulic Actuators and Electro-Mechanical Actuators

  • High force in a compact package. Up to 40,000 LBs force (178kN)
  • Eliminates hydraulic infrastructure, reduces cost and maintenance, environmentally friendly
  • Precise position, speed and force control, high-speed, smooth motion
  • Quiet operation
  • Light weight
  • Power On-demand, energy efficient
  • Rugged design, very reliable

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