Are These Your Lift Table Challenges?

  • Coordinated lifting to keep the table level regardless of load distribution
  • Forces over 1000 lbs limit options to costly and complex hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic systems require load cells, an expensive infrastructure, integration and programming challenges

The Kyntronics Answer

  • Our standard Electro-hydraulic Actuators handle up to 20,000 lbf each
  • No brake required, plus force or load feedback can be built into the EHA
  • Coordinated, synchronized lifting—provided with fieldbus and pre-programmed so they are ready to use

Working with Kyntronics Is Easy

Our actuation systems range from simple single-axis applications to multiple-axis, synchronized systems, making them ideal for lift tables, large load single lifts or similar. Please contact us below to explore how we can tailor an actuation solution for you today.

  • Engineered to fit your specifications
  • Designs are simple, compact, powerful and precise
  • Achieve smooth, quiet operation
  • AS9100C, ISO9001 Certified
  • Lean Six Sigma World Class Operation
  • 'Hands On' Management Philosophy

I could not imagine having anyone as a better partner than Kyntronics.

- Paul Ewing, CEO of Halley Orthopedics

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