Kyntronics worked closely with the world's leading OEM of Premium Class Aircraft Seats and Interiors to implement an actuation system that provided several competitive advantages. Using Kyntronics' Electro-Mechanical Actuation (EMA) platform, the system provides multiple-axis coordinated motion for even the most complex seating requirements.

  • Kyntronics provided modified Linear and Rotary EMAs that were quiet, powerful yet very lightweight… critical for airplane use.
  • Special software was developed that coordinated multiple actuators simultaneously to create a very smooth and comfortable passenger experience.
  • Using Kyntronics' 2-wire Power Line Communications wiring system between actuators and electronic modules reduced weight further, simplifed installation and reduced cost.
  • Kyntronics provided the control interface and software to the aircraft In-flight Entertainment System for passenger control of the seat, lighting and surrounding suite components.
  • Kyntronics engineers worked closely with the OEM to certify the actuation system for aircraft use.
First-Class Commercial Airplane Seating Actuation System
electronic components for actuation systems

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