Surgical Imaging Machine Actuator System

When a medical equipment OEM developed a new technology platform for its surgical imaging machine, Kyntronics worked closely with its team to customize an EMA and Power Line Communications solution to achieve multiple-axis coordinated motion. The result: simplified wiring, a compact package and reduced costs.

  • Multiple elements of the surgical imaging machine needed to move smoothly and simultaneously in a coordinated manner. Kyntronics’ customized EMA does the job with nine actuator axis controlled by customized software developed by Kyntronics engineers.
  • Kyntronics’ robust rotary and linear actuators meet the machine’s tight space requirements.
  • The EMA system improves end-user productivity because simultaneous, coordinated movement decreases overall movement time with increased positional accuracy and reduced “jogging” of machine elements.
  • Power Line Communications embedded in the EMA system allowed a simple 2-wire daisy-chained wiring scheme to be used that significantly reduced cost and machine complexity.
EMA close up

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