High-force, Quiet Medical Actuator System

  • Kyntronics replaced a noisy, large mechanical actuator with a quieter, smaller and more powerful EHA
  • Mechanical changes to the Kyntronics’ EHA package ensured that it fit the existing Couch structure—so it was a “drop in” actuator solution
  • The quiet operation of the new couch has created a competitive advantage and is opening up new market opportunities for this OEM

When a medical equipment OEM needed a high-force, small actuator that operated very quietly, Kyntronics partnered with them to customize an EHA that is quiet, compact and can move large forces. The OEM needed a linear actuator that could move 4,000 pounds of force (17.8kN) while using existing infrastructure (brackets) of the Patient Couch. The EHA had to be properly adapted.

Kyntronics modified its standard EHA to meet the customer’s low noise requirements. Other Electro-Mechanical Actuators were much noisier when operating and could not meet the OEMs product specification.

mri rendering

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