High-force, Quiet Medical Actuator System

When a medical equipment OEM needed a high-force, small actuator that operated very quietly, Kyntronics partnered with them to customize an EHA that is quiet, compact and can move large forces. The OEM needed a linear actuator that could move 4,000 pounds of force (17.8kN) while using existing infrastructure (brackets) of the Patient Couch. The EHA had to be properly adapted.

  • Kyntronics modified its standard EHA to meet the customer’s low noise requirements. Other Electro-Mechanical Actuators were much noisier when operating and could not meet the OEMs product specification.
  • Mechanical changes to Kyntronics’ EHA package ensured that it fit the existing Couch structure—so it was a “drop in” actuator solution.
  • The quiet operation of the new couch has created a competitive advantage and is opening up new market opportunities for this OEM.
  • Replaced a noisy, large mechanical actuator with a quieter, smaller and more powerful EHA.
mri rendering

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