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Military Vehicles – Armor Plate Hatches

Kyntronics understands the demand of Military Vehicles and Armor Plate Hatches. Kyntronics EHAs are a great solution for operating heavy armor plate hatches. Vehicles with loading capabilities also require actuator systems that are rugged and can efficiently move heavy loads. Kyntronics actuators can be customized to specific military applications including:

  • Door / Hatch actuation
  • Gun positioning
  • Armor Plate Positioning
  • Munitions handling
  • Wheeled vehicles
  • Autonomous vehicles

Kyntronics Actuator Benefits for Military Vehicle Applications:

Products - Electro-Hydraulic and Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Our actuators excel at multiple key performance needs for military vehicles including:

  • High force in a compact package.  Up to 40,000 LBs force (178kN)
  • Eliminates hydraulic infrastructure, reduces cost and maintenance
  • Precise position, speed and force control, high-speed, smooth motion
  • Actuator synchronization
  • Power On-demand, energy efficient
  • Rugged design, very reliable
  • Programmable & Flexible
  • Field Bus compatible control interface

Read more about our Electro-Hydraulic Actuators and Electro-Mechanical Actuators, or contact us to find out how Kyntronics can help meet your military vehicle applications

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