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Actuator System for X10 Knee Therapy Machine

Actuator System for X10 Knee Therapy Machine

Knee Replacement / Post-Operative Physical Therapy Machine

Kyntronics’ R2400 Rotary Electro-Mechanical Actuator (EMA) system brought portability, special sequencing, and control features to the X10 Knee Therapy machine. Now, it is more marketable as a product for home therapy and for orthopedic surgeons.

"I could not imagine having a better partner than Kyntronics!"

— Paul Ewing, X10 Therapy

  • Kyntronics’ EMA allows the X10 machine to be portable. Kyntronics’ solution weighs just 8 lbs. verses over 80 lbs. for the components it replaced.
  • The Kyntronics R2400 EMA replaced several components including a large motor, gearbox, Variable Frequency Drive and associated wiring and bracketry which reduced cost and allowed the machine to be made smaller.
  • Real-time communications in the R2400 allows patients and therapists to adjust settings and prevent “over travel” of the leg.
  • The machine is safer for patients because of a special R2400 mechanical gear arrangement.
  • The R2400 included Modified software and a Modbus communications interface to meet the OEM’s system requirements.

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