Innovation in Motion

Kyntronics specializes in partnering with OEMs to solve their actuation problems in an innovative, cost-effective way.

"I could not imagine having anyone as a better partner than Kyntronics".
Paul Ewing, CEO of Halley Orthopedics


Customized actuation systems include:

  • Mechanical changes to adapt actuators to customer requirements to address mechanical interference or environmental requirements
  • Customized OEM products including new actuator models with optimal speeds, force output, extension lengths and more
  • Controls interfaces for control sequencing and communications including CanBus, ModBus, Ethernet and Kyntronics' cost-effective Power Line Communications option
  • Fully integrated packages combining the actuator, electronics and software into an integrated system saving space and reducing cost

At Kyntronics, we are nimble enough to quickly react to OEMs' needs, yet large enough to be a reliable, low-risk partner for larger OEMs. We offer a range of modular actuation "building blocks" that can be adapted to meet a wide range of OEM requirements. Plus, our Engineering staff includes mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and software engineers that work directly with our customer's engineering teams to arrive at the optimal motion control package.

Talk with our engineers to see how we can customize a solution for your needs