Kyntronics Electro-Mechanical Actuators (EMA) are precision motion control devices for force requirements up to 1,000 lbf (4500N) for linear applications or 2,400 in-lbs (270Nm) for rotary applications. Setup is simple with fully integrated electronics. Our EMAs seamlessly drop in to existing applications, or work with one of Kyntronics' engineers to customize an actuator for your needs.

Kyntronics EMA Features

Kyntronics EMAs power the motion behind advanced knee replacement therapy, premium aircraft seating, medical imaging equipment and other sophisticated applications.

Features include:

  • Brushless servo motors
  • Accurate positioning up to 0.001inches (0.03mm)
  • Coordinated motion between multiple actuators (up to 32 axis)
  • Communications-over-power (2-wire network)
  • Patented auto-addressing and auto-calibration
  • Linear or rotary actuator types
  • Manual release
  • Brake for holding position
  • Electronic I/O interfaces: discrete I/O, analog I/O, serial communication, communication buses

Customize Kyntronics EMA Systems

Kyntronics' engineers act as an extension of your design team consulting with you from the concept phase to final production delivery working with your team throughout the development process. Differentiate your product and achieve an integrated solution with Kyntronics. We provide:

  • Mechanical interfaces
  • Special packaging
  • Control interfaces
  • Software features

See how Kyntronics can adapt the EMA to meet your specific requirements.

Electro-Mechanical Actuator close-up

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