At Kyntronics, we're focused on solving specific motion control problems that OEMs and end-users face. One of those is getting multiple actuators to "talk" without costly, excessive infrastructure. Our EHA and EMA motion control systems have the advantage of a patented power line communication network (C-Bus) that uses only two wires to connect up to 32 actuators or I/O devices.

Why Use C-Bus Technology?

The patented Kyntronics C-bus motion control network delivers efficiency, simplicity and flexibility with auto-addressing and auto-calibration built in.

Powerful Capability for OEMs:

Connect existing actuators to Kyntronics EMA and EHA systems. The result is one, smart, self-contained motion control package that offers quiet, smooth coordinated motion.

  • 2-wire system; power and network communications
  • Easily synchronize motion across multiple actuators
  • Simple harness; easy assembly, very cost effective
  • Auto-loading through a simple USB connection
  • Scalable and expandable
  • Can be easily integrated with other networks including CANbus, Ethernet and Modbus

Simple Set-Up:

Wiring multiple actuators is easy and cost-effective with a two-wire system that supplies power and inter-device communications. You'll save weight and space. The patented C-bus technology is ideal for a range of industrial, medical, aerospace and military applications as it is simple to install which minimizes weight & costs.

Configure your Kyntronics EMA or EHA system today, using our patented C-bus motion network to gain cost and space efficiencies.

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