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We are Actuation experts with extensive experience in the industrial, automotive, aerospace and medical equipment markets.

Kyntronics modular mechanical and electro hydraulic actuator design provides the highest force-density combined with precision control in a cost-effective, an all-in-one package. Our SMART hydraulic actuators provide precision actuation systems for a wide range of high-speed and high-force requirements.

Our Applications Engineers work with your team to configure the best hydraulic actuator that best meets your performance and packaging needs and that will make your product better and more competitive.

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Kyntronics partners with OEMs in a range of industries to customize actuation systems that suit specific needs. Ask us how our engineering team can partner with you to create complete Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (EHA) or Electro-Mechanical Actuator (EMA) packages providing a differentiating solution, reducing your cost and accomplishing your business goals.

Featured Application

Automated Metal Forming Line: Featuring Clamping, Punching and Piercing with Rockwell Automation Servo Motor Integration and AOI (Add-On-Instruction)

Application: Metal Forming Equipment

Product: S-Series SMART Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Learn how Kyntronics helped an Appliance Manufacturer and Special Machine Builder eliminate hydraulics from their new metal forming line and the new Kyntronics AOI for Rockwell Automation servo motors and drives.

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Eliminate Traditional Hydraulics with Kyntronics’ SMART Electro Hydraulic Actuator

Kyntronics’ SMART Electro Hydraulic Actuators (SHA) provide a way to eliminate the traditional hydraulics and improve machine performance. Our SMART Hydraulic Actuators provide an All-In-One solution with a motor, pump, control and totally sealed cylinder. This self-contained product has no hoses, and no leaks. It is a clean and quiet alternative to traditional hydraulic systems.

Eliminate Traditional Hydraulics tmbEliminate Traditional Hydraulics with Kyntronics’ SMART Electro Hydraulic Actuator

Latest News & Press Releases

News & Events

Kyntronics is named a Rockwell Automation Technology Partner

SOLON, OH — June 15, 2021 – Kyntronics, a leading manufacturer of precision actuation solutions is excited to announce that it has joined the Rockwell Automation Technology Partner program. The program references the integration of Kyntronics SMART Electro-Hydraulic Actuators (SHA) with Rockwell Automation servo motors, drives and controls.


Going Electric

Fluid Power Journal – Going Electric? SHA is the Dynamic Choice

Fluid Power Journal features an article written by Carl Richter - Kyntronics VP/GM. The article focuses on the industry push to 'Go Green' and the transition of machinery to fully electric design. In the article, read about several actuation considerations machine designers are faced with when comparing roller-screw EMAs, HPUs with hydraulic cylinders and new all-in-one electro-hydraulic actuators (EHA).



Information about our products

You can view information about our products, get technical information, CAD drawings and Case Studies by visiting our Product Pages. See links below:

  • S-Series Models: up to 85,000 lbf (377 kN), up to 120” (3,048 mm) stroke length, up to 45 in/s (1,159 mm/s), 120, 240, 460 VAC
  • E-Series Models: up to 9,500 lbf (42 kN), up to 120” (3,048 mm) stroke length, up to 10.6 in/s (269 mm/s), 12, 24, 48 or 72 VDC, IP68 rated
  • H-Series (High Speed / High Force) Models: up to 170,000 lbf (775 kN), up to 24” (610 mm) stroke length, up to 45 in/s (1,159 mm/s), 120, 240, 460 VAC

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