Innovation in Motion

At Kyntronics, we are motion control experts with extensive experience in the medical, aerospace and industrial markets

We employ the latest technologies and engineered actuation systems that best fit the needs of our OEM and end-user customers.

Kyntronics provides drop-in replacements, custom engineered actuation products and full systems. We partner with your team to arrive at the best solution, plus we offer new application help and services.

We invest heavily in our people, processes, facilities and equipment so we can offer the latest actuation technologies and innovative products to help our customers be successful.

Kyntronics was established in 2010 to respond to the global trends of increasing automation, higher precision requirements, lower costs and IoT connectivity. Our mission is to offer the best combination of mechanics, electronics, software and support in actuation and motion control products.


Kyntronics specializes in actuation systems mechatronics. Our experienced staff includes engineers specializing in mechanical, electrical/controls, hydraulics and software.

Operating Principles

We are customer-focused and partner with our customers to achieve the best actuation solution. Through rigorous engineering, we develop innovative "answers" to motion control problems. And, we are proud of our Continuous Improvement Culture: We constantly search for ways to enhance products and services so our customers can be more competitive, efficient and profitable.

Working with Kyntronics Is Easy

Our actuation solutions include single-axis applications to multiple-axis, synchronized actuation systems. Engineered to fit your space requirements, and your specifications.

  • Engineered to fit your space requirements, and your specifications
  • Designs are simple, compact, powerful and precise
  • Achieve smooth, quiet operation
  • AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015
  • Lean Six Sigma World Class Operation
  • 'Hands On' Management Philosophy

Find out how we can tailor an actuation solution for you today by calling us at 440-220-5990, toll free at 855-596-8765, or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our innovative team, along with our unique technology will provide a differentiating solution to help you achieve your project objectives.

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Innovation in today’s packaging machinery

Kyntronics have recently been featured in two articles highlighting the benefits of Kyntronics Smart Hydraulic Actuator.

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New Kyntronics Article Compares Electro-Hydraulic Actuators to Hydraulic Cylinder Actuation Systems

Kyntronics new technical article compares electro-hydraulic actuator technology to hydraulic cylinder actuation systems. The white paper includes a comparison chart of technologies.

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New Kyntronics Article Compares Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Technology to Roller Screw Actuators

Kyntronics new technical article compares electro-hydraulic actuator technology to roller screw actuators. The white paper includes specifications and force curves.

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New Kyntronics Linear and Rotary Actuators with Multi-axis Coordinated Motion for OEMs

Kyntronics' new electromechanical actuators are precision motion control devices for force requirements up to 1,000 lbf (4500N) for linear applications or 2,400 in-lbs (270Nm) for rotary applications. Setup is simple with fully integrated electronics.

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Quality Management System Certification

C0099043 AS8

Applications Note – Clamping & Holding