Innovation in Motion

Sample Studio Projects:

> The Kyntronics SHA AOI Zip file includes two sample projects: SHA_12312021_AOI_Vx_x_RELEASE.ACD, and SHA_011722_AOI_Vx_x_SALESDEMO.ACD. These projects also contain a Task which has ISA-88 state machine ladder logic, and currently include a CompactLogix PLC. Other examples are available, including a PanelView sample for Press application, and projects with ControlLogix PLCs.

> The sample projects include a virtual Position Axis (SHA_Position), which is used to provide positional motion commands to the SHA_Axis, and a virtual axis (SHA_ForceMax) which allows MAM instructions to provide variable Force ramps/values to the SHA_PositionControl block ForceMax or ForceMin inputs, if needed.

> The sample projects also include some Trends, in case there is a need to capture feedback data, to assist with tuning or setup.


SHA AOI User Document:

> The detailed User Document for setting up the Kyntronics SHA AOI in a Studio project, is titled RA_Kyntronics_AOI_Vx_x.pdf (latest version is available on the website).

What is Included with the Vx.x SHA AOI:

> The SHA AOI Zip file includes the following items: SHA_PositionControl, which is the main SHA block, which provides closed-loop position control, or position control with Force limitingThe SHA_Config is a data structure which provides the PID tuning values, force gains, feedforwards and torque limits, and an instance of it is a required input to the SHA_PositionControl. SHA_Controller is another required data structure. The SHA_RelayId block was added in Vx.x to help provide PID tuning values for the Position and Force on the target system. The SHA_RelayId blocks can be removed after the tuning is complete, if desired. They can also be used for open-loop force control of the SHA, if needed. The SHA_RelayId block requires an SHA_PositionControl block to be present (but not enabled), to compute the Force value. The resulting tuning values are placed into the associated SHA_Config tags, and then point to point moves can be run in the SHA_PositionControl to verify the tuning values. An AOI license file is included. Two sample Studio project files are also included.

Example SHA_PositionControl block:


ra web figure02


Example SHA_Config:

Which is used as an input tag to the SHA_PositionControl:


ra web figure03