Innovation in Motion

It was an easy solution working with an integrator, the end customer, and Kyntronics to provide an advanced actuator that provided enhanced control & energy savings that the customer is now realizing. It was easy to work with Kyntronics personnel: Jonathan Baldwin in application engineering & Mike Lynch, Sales Representative, to help me in specifying the motor requirements for the servo system
Using Kyntronics actuators in an application to replace hydraulic cylinders has allowed us to bundle additional Rockwell servo drives and motors to a portion of a machine that we have historically missed out on
We are new to selling Kyntronics so they helped in making the initial sales calls, had us to the factory for training, worked with our customer to customize the mounting to match current designs & created approval drawings. They also had us ship them the Rockwell motor being used on the application to verify & tune the system before if left the factory.
Kyntronics worked with the RMD Systems team to design a series of custom actuators tailored to our unique application requirements. The self-contained nature of the actuators provides the power and force of a hydraulic solution with the controllability and ease of integration of an electro-mechanical solution. The highly integrated design of the actuator allowed us to optimize the design of the robot structure considerably. Kyntronics provided us with state-of-the-art hardware on an accelerated development timeline that helped us complete our deliverables to our defense customer.
Kyntronics worked with our engineers to develop a custom actuator that fit our space and duty cycle requirements. The closed loop system not only gives us the power we need for rigid material cutting but the servo control provides for accurate speed and acceleration control. Force feedback allows us to monitor die sharpness as well as provide data for FDA validation to our customers. We see a great future using these actuators on all our die cut platforms.
The biggest advantage of Kyntronics’ SHA was the very nature of the system’s self-contained, modular configuration – delivering all required functionality and low-end force control we need for testing… it saved us many days of assembly / set-up / testing / tuning, and cost as well. Also, this system provides our customer the ability to test their products without using external hydraulic power which makes it very portable and manageable.
Working with Kyntronics was a great experience. This type of product is new to our company and they were very helpful and patient with any questions we had. We decided to install the optional HMI unit with the actuator making set up of our tooling painless. The parts we are forming among 6 tooling stations are very consistent hit after hit. The precision is greater than any other forming method we have used. We are overall very pleased with the actuators design and performance.