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Kyntronics has conducted several informative webinars that are available for playback. Webinars cover many topics including: comparisons of hydraulic actuators with electro-mechanical actuators, design considerations when applying actuators, efficiency and reliability, applying Kyntronics SMART electro-hydraulic actuators and technical details on the Kyntronics SHA. By selecting the Preview button – you will be provided with further details on topics included in that webinar.

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Learn how to Maximize the Benefits of Actuator Performance to help achieve your Sustainable Manufacturing goals
Replacing HPUs and Hydraulic Cylinders… Avoid the risks, experience the benefits
Meet the Challenges of Applying Actuators in Lifting, Material Handling and Positioning Applications
Gain Valuable Insights on how to Improve Pressing Equipment Performance
Advantages and Disadvantages of Applying Hydraulic Cylinders and Electro-Mechanical Actuators
SMART Hydraulic Actuator (SHA) Technical Overview and Product Update
SMART Hydraulic Actuator (SHA) Technical Overview and Product Update
Efficiencies, Reliability, Ingress Protection and more…
Side-loading, concentrated wear, fatigue failures, shock loads… no worries, the SHA has you covered


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