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Historically there were Two Actuation Options: Electro-Mechanical Actuators (EMA) and Traditional Hydraulics.

But Now There is a Better Option

The Kyntronics SMART Electro-Hydraulic Actuator SHA, combines the Benefits of Both Electro-Mechanical Actuators (EMA) and Traditional Hydraulics while eliminating their shortcomings. Resulting in an actuation solution with superior functionality at a lower price point.


SHA Product Design Elements

Kyntronics SMART Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (SHA)

Designed For Maximum Reliability and Minimal Maintenance


Design Features Include:

  • No metal-to-metal wear points
  • Rod seal tested to over 50 million inches of travel without failure (load independent)
  • Closed system eliminates contamination, moisture and air infiltration
  • Oversize wear rings and bearings provide extra support during rod-extension
  • Servo control eliminates pressure spikes
  • Relief valves eliminate over pressure
  • Temperature monitoring eliminates over-temperature conditions
  • Minimal fluid; for example: estimated volume of fluid is 30 fluid ounces for a 2.0” bore X 3.0” stroke with a 1.0” rod diameter

Actuator Reliability Comparison: SHA vs. Ball Screw / Roller Screw Actuator

Reliability Comparison

  • EMA Life is load dependent. Improving EMA life requires larger and more expensive size screws
  • EMA Metal-to-Metal Wear further decreases reliability and requires regular lubrication
  • EMAs are highly susceptible to damage from shock loads and side-loading
  • SHA is rated at 50,000,000 inches of travel (before a simple rod seal change) regardless of load.

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Annual Operating Cost Comparison
Kyntronics SMART Electro-Hydraulic Actuators (SHA) vs Traditional Hydraulic

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Operating Cost ComponentSHAHPUAssumptions / Cost Basis (April 2022)
    200 Gallon HPU Tank
Hydraulic Fluid Index (HFI) = 4.1
SHA is sealed - no fluid replacement or disposal is required
Oil Replenishment
Used Oil Disposal
$42/gal X 800 gallons (4:1 HFI)
$20/gal X 800 gallons (4:1 HFI)
    SHA Uses Power on Demand
30 HP Hydraulic Power Unit that Runs Continuously
SHA is 70% efficient (based on Kyntronics testing)
HPU 22% is efficient (based on IFPE paper)
Energy Usage $1,642 $16,429 Using $0.17 per KWh (rates vary from - $0.08 to $0.19 KWh)
Floor Space Utilization / Maintenance Time
    SHA is All-In-One, no floor space required
HPU requires space of 10'x10' = 100 Sq-Ft @ $20 per sq-ft
Floor Space
Maintenance Time
SHA @ 1 hr/week @ Labor $35/hr
HPU @ 3 hrs/week @ Labor $35/hr
Human Factor
    HPU oil leaks create hazardous conditions and safety risk
SHA is totally sealed, no oil leak risk
Time off / Medical / Legal $0 $2,000 Lost days + Medical costs + Legal costs
Machine Downtime / Product Scrap
80% of unplanned machine downtime
is caused by contaminated lubricants
Product Spoilage
SHA is totally sealed, no oil leak risk, minimal downtime risk.
$10,000 $4k-$6k average downtime costs per incident.
Assuming two downtime events.
1% scrap from product contamination due to leaky connections
Annual Operating Costs
An $91,887 Annual Savings Opportunity!


The basis for several of the assumptions used in the annual operating cost table originate from Fluid Power Industry published statistics and sources noted below:

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