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The Kyntronics Advantage

We Solve Challenging Actuation Problems

  • High-force in a compact package
  • Precise Control
  • Cost-effective solutions offering significant cost savings and superior functionality vs. alternative actuation technologies

Kyntronics works closely with your team

  • We operate as an extension of your Engineering department
  • We are flexible and will adapt our products to meet your requirements

See how our technology stacks up vs. the alternatives:


Actuation Technology - Challenges


Central Hydraulic


Larger package size

Continuous running pump;  inefficient

Costly infrastructure & inefficient compressor

Requires a brake to hold position

Expensive to accurately control

Difficult to control

Back driving the screw under load

Leaky connectors / hoses & fittings – infrastructure

Leaky connectors / hoses & fittings – infrastructure 

Susceptible to contaminants

Slow response

Bang-Bang operation

Gearing / metal-metal friction / screw inefficiencies

Difficult to coordinate multiple cylinders

Low Force Density


Costly installation

Dirty Air

Many pieces

Many pieces

Energy inefficient




Shock & Vibration

Limited Controls Connectivity

Limited Controls Connectivity

Kyntronics EHA vs. Central Hydraulic and Pneumatics

Feature Comparison


Kyntronics EHA

Central Hydraulic


High Energy Efficiency



Compact – High Force Density


 Low-Noise, Quiet



Modular Design – Scalable 

Complete All-In-One  “Drop-in” Solution



Brushless Servo Control - Precise & Repeatable



Holds Position without a Brake

Integral Force Feedback


Environmentally tough

Versatile Input Voltages



Fieldbus Network Integration (CAN, Ethernet etc)



No Maintenance



Capable of withstanding high Shock Loads


The EHA offers many advantages over other actuation technologies

Kyntronics EHA vs. Roller-Screw Actuators

Feature Comparison


Kyntronics EHA

Roller-Screw Actuators

Energy Efficient


Compact – High Force Density

Low-Noise, Quiet


Modular Design – Scalable 


Flexible Integration

Holds position without a brake


Integral force feedback (external load cell not required)


Environmentally tough


Versatile input voltages

Fieldbus Network Integration (CAN, Ethernet etc.)

Stand-Alone Package

Capable of withstanding high Shock Loads


Maintenance Free


IP65 rated while moving


Kyntronics EHA = High Force Density

More Force in Less Space

mechanical advantage

On-board Pressure Sensor Provides Force Feedbackmore force less space

Exponential force with small increases in cylinder size.

e.g. from 2.5” to 3.25” (30% inc) the force increases (69%)

Efficiency + a Force Advantage


Drop-in Connectivity

drop in connectivity

From the box to the Machine

  • Mount & Bolt
  • Attach the connectors
  • Setup via the HMI
  • Ready to Run



Available Voltages

120 VAC

48 VDC

240 VAC

60 VDC

12 VDC

90 VDC

24 VDC


Fieldbus Connectivity


Ethernet IP

Modbus RTU



Modbus TCP

Control Inputs

Fieldbus / Serial

Inputs / Outputs

0-10Vdc Reference Input

4-10ma Reference Input

Control Modes

Position Control 


Force Control

No Maintenance Required


High-Speed / High Force All-In-One Actuator

NEW Actuator Product solves the problem of having to oversize actuation components for applications that have a rapid stroke at low force with a load stroke at high force.

High Speed High Force Actuator

Download High-Speed / High-Force Actuator Brochure


eha advantages summaryEHA Advantages - summary

  • Self-Contained, All-In-One Actuator Solution
  • Energy Efficient
    • Power only on demand, minimal metal-to-metal contact
    • Lighter weight, more cost effective
  • High-Shock & Vibration Tolerant
  • No Brake Required to hold position
  • No Back-Drive or Gear Backlash
  • Servo Precision Control of Position, Force and Speed
  • Drop in – Simple to connect and setup
    • Connectivity (Ethernet, CanBus etc)
  • Environmentally Tough – IP65