Customized Actuation Packages

Don't get forced into a catalogue actuator from a commodity supplier when Kyntronics can engineer a actuation system to meet your specific requirements. We can produce smaller runs and flex to your production and specification requirements.

Kyntronics Solves Problems for OEMs with Adaptable Actuation Systems based on standard product building blocks

Kyntronics partners with OEMs in a range of industries to customize actuation systems that suit specific needs. Ask us how our engineering team can partner with you to create complete Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (EHA) or Electro-Mechanical Actuator (EMA) packages providing a differentiating solution, reducing your cost and accomplishing your business goals.

Green Energy / Solar Panels

Kyntronics EHA systems are a cost-effective solution for solar panel trackers for the solar panel industry.

  • Kyntronics EHAs are available in 1,000 - 20,000Lbf (4.5 - 90kN) sizes.
  • Simple 2-wire communications between EHAs allows coordinated solar array movement without costly mechanical linkages.
  • Control the movement of heavy solar panels with EHAs that are rugged and are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
solar panel trackers
electro hydraulic actuator

mobile equipment
electro hydraulic actuator

Mobile Equipment

The Kyntronics EHA is ideal for mobile equipment applications. Kyntronics can connect multiple EHAs together to create a coordinated actuation system for more complex requirements such as emergency response vehicle gurneys that must be smoothly raised and lowered.

  • Light-weight, compact Kyntronics EHAs can move heavy loads
  • Kyntronics EHAs have their own built-in pump, valving and manifold and do not require a traditional hydraulic infrastructure. This reduces cost, space requirements, and weight significantly
  • Kyntronics can add electronics and control capabilities to the EHA to provide precision position and force control. Kyntronics can also electrically connect multiple EHAs together to coordinate and synchronize their operation.
  • Environmental protection is assured with Kyntronics’ robust, weather-ready design.

Military Vehicles – Armor Plate Hatches

Kyntronics EHAs are a great solution for operating heavy armor plate hatches. Military combat vehicles can have large armor plating and “hatches” that must open and close—sometimes in a synchronized motion. Vehicles with loading capabilities also require actuator systems that are rugged and can efficiently move heavy loads. Kyntronics actuators can be customized to specific military applications.

  • The EHA can move large forces (up to 20,000 Lbf (90kN)) in a compact space.
  • With all required components built into the EHA, no hydraulic infrastructure is required which saves space, weight, cost and improves reliability.
  • Simple two-wire communications between EHAs provide coordination between two or more actuators very cost-effectively.
  • The EHA was also required to allow movement if there was a power failure.
military vehicle
electro hydraulic actuator

tube bending machine
electro hydraulic actuator

Industrial Machinery

For industrial machinery that requires precise control of large forces, Kyntronics EHA systems provide a cost-effective solution Applications include metal fabrication machinery presses, tube and wire bending machines and other applications where both high force and precision are required.

  • Kyntronics EHAs provide up to 20,000 Lbf (90kN) output in a compact space and allow precise control of both position and force.
  • No hydraulic infrastructure is required.
  • Several standard control/communications interfaces are available including CanBus, ModBus, and Ethernet

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