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Kyntronics have developed an Add-On-Instruction set (AOI) for Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley Servo Motors/Drives/PLC. This Control option allows the OEM/Machine Builder to provide their own Rockwell Automation components and utilize the AOI to facilitate the integration.

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  • Kyntronics Assistance with Allen Bradley Servo Motor selection
  • Kyntronics can perform the mounting and Integration of the Allen Bradley Servo Motor to the SHA
  • Kyntronics AOI to perform position and/or force control along with many other actuation specific needs that employ the feature-rich Rockwell Automation hardware and software
    • Example code and support as needed

Kyntronics - Rockwell AOI Software Features

  • Position Control
  • Force Control
  • Position & Force Control
  • Position Control with Force & Speed Limiting
  • Compound Moves
  • Multiple Gain Sets
  • Synchronized Motion
  • Coordinated Motion

Rockwell Automation Connectivity Options

solution Rockwell


  • Ethernet IP
  • ½ Axis (Aux – encoder)
  • 0-10vdc
  • -10vdc to +10vdc
  • 4-20ma


  • Pressure Transducer
  • 0-10vdc
  • Load Cell
  • 0-10vdc
  • -10vdc to +10vdc
  • 4-20ma
  • Ethernet IP

Allen Bradley Motor Connections

  • Power Encoder