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Saving Money and Helping the Environment

SMART Hydraulic Actuators (SHA) have several advantages compared with electro mechanical actuators (EMAs) and traditional hydraulic actuation systems.

While much investigation is done on the up-front cost of equipment, it is often the operating costs that really impact a company’s bottom line, Each actuation solution has it’s own advantages and disadvantages However, those existing solutions might be masking more long-term costs in wear, hydraulic fluid replacement and energy usage. Beyond the initial cost of a product, looking at the total cost of ownership (TCO) shows the SHA products help reduce the operating costs of the equipment.

Download our technical bulletin, Impact of Actuators on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Sustainable Manufacturing, which provides details about annual operating costs and sustainability advantages including:

  • Annual Operating Cost Benefits
  • EMA, HPU and SHA Comparison
  • Goals support for Sustainable Manufacturing


Webinar - Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) While Improving Sustainable Manufacturing


sustainable manufacturing

A growing number of global manufacturers are realizing significant environmental, social and economic benefits by using sustainable business practices. Actuators perform critical functions in many manufacturing processes and are an integral component on many machines and automated systems.

Kyntronics’ VP/GM Carl Richter reviews how different actuation technologies contribute to a company’s sustainable manufacturing goals. This session will include an in-depth examination of how each type of actuator impacts the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable manufacturing along with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) considerations.

View - Maximize the Benefits of Actuator Performance to help achieve your “Sustainable Manufacturing” goals


Fluid Power Journal - Sustainable Solution: A Versatile Hydraulic Option


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Fluid Power Journal features an article, Sustainable Solution: A Versatile Hydraulic Option, focusing on sustainable manufacturing as it relates to hydraulics. Many companies are considering more sustainable options when rebuilding or purchasing new manufacturing equipment. In the article, read about the different hydraulic options available today and why the Kyntronics SMART electro-hydraulic actuator (SHA) is an ideal long-term solution for sustainable manufacturing. The article written by Carl Richter - Kyntronics VP/GM.

sustainable manufacturing