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Electro-Hydraulic Power Unit for use with Customer Cylinders


The Servo Power Unit (SPU) was developed as an alternative to the SMART Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (SHA) for those instances where the All-In-One SHA is not able to fit in the available space envelope. The SPU provides many SHA benefits including: precise position, speed and force control, compact size, and high force density. It connects to a customer-supplied cylinder through robust quick connect fittings. The SPU can be located close to the cylinder reducing footprint and reducing hose length.

Servo Power Unit Features:

  • Servo controlled
  • Works with most any cylinder
  • Standard ISO 16028 3/8” cylinder connections
  • Up to 9.88 cc/rev fluid flow at 3,000 PSI
  • Network Connectivity
  • Smooth control; eliminates abrupt flow changes and stress on hoses / connections
  • Dynamic Braking for smooth control with an over-riding load
  • High Efficiency
servo power unit

System Capabilities

  • Panel or Enclosure Mounted Servo Controller. Multi-axis also available
  • Servo Motor
  • Fully Configurable Controls
  • Factory Programmed
  • Heat Dissipation Analysis: cooling added as required
  • Cable / Harnesses Designed to Length
    • Factory Tested, Cycled & Tuned
  • Precision Feedback Devices
    • Pressure (Force)
    • Position (depends on customer-supplied cylinder)
  • Manual(s) & Wiring Diagram(s)
  • Ability to integrate customer supplied motors

Control Capabilities

  • Position Control
  • Force Control
  • Position & Force Control
  • Position Control with Force & Speed Limiting
  • Four Quadrant Motion Control
  • Compound Moves
  • Multiple Gain Sets
  • Coordinated Motion
  • Sequencing & Custom Programming
  • GUI Development: Touchscreen / VB Applications
  • Diagnostics as desired
  • Field Bus Integration: AB, Siemens, MTS, PC, Automation Direct etc.

Contact our Engineers who can assist with configuring the appropriate Servo Power Unit Controls package for your specific application requirements.

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servo power unit 02Single Axis All-in-One
servo power unit 01Single Axis with Customer Supplied Motor


servo power unit 03Multi-Axis Control Panels with HMI and Software