Innovation in Motion


All-In-One Actuation System that Combines High Speed & High Force Functionality in a Single Integrated Package

H-Series Features:

  • High-Speed Cylinder for fast extend/retract operation
  • High Force Cylinder for the high-load component of the cycle
  • Compact / Integrated Accumulator
  • Precision Controlled Brushless Servo Motor
  • Servo-Controlled, Precise Displacement,Bi-Directional Variable Speed Pump
  • High-Resolution Position Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor for Force Control Operation
  • Manifold with Integral Valve Controls
  • Servo Drive / Motion Controller Package
    • Fieldbus Interface
    • IoT Compatible
    • Cabinet or Subplate options

Rod End Actuator Mounting Actuator Configuration Servo Drive Configuration
Threaded Male, Std Front Flange Single High Force Cylinder Attached Drive Box
Threaded Male, Sl   Dual High Force Cylinder Remote Drive Box
Threaded Female, Std     Drive Sub Panel
Threaded Female, Sl     Multi-Axis Drive Panel
Misalignment Coupling (Style 55)      
Mounting Plate      


Actuator Configurations

e series mounting options


Servo Drive Configurations

e series mounting options

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