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All-In-One Electro-Hydraulic Actuation Solution

S-Series Features:

  • High-Precision Brushless Servo Motor
  • Servo-Controlled, Precise Displacement, Bi-Directional Variable Speed Pump
  • Manifold with Integral Valve Controls
  • Heavy-Duty Rod / Cylinder with Patent-Pending Rod Compensation
  • Servo Drive / Motion Controller
  • Fieldbus Interface
  • IoT Compatible
  • High-Resolution Position Sensor
  • Optional Pressure Sensor for Force Control Operation

Kyntronics has an extensive library of S-Series CAD models to help you with engineering and specification development.

S-Series Models

Models are based on the following configurations:

  • Rod End: Threaded Male
  • Actuator Mount: Front Flange Mount
  • Stroke: 12in (305mm)
  • Configuration: Detached Drive; Attached Power Unit & Cylinder

When selecting products models, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe, trouble-free performance. If you have questions regarding the model files or for custom configurations please contact Kyntronics.

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S08 Models

S08C10-02 S08C15-02 S08C20-02 S08C25-02 S08C32-02 S08C40-02 S08C50-02 S08C60-02
S08C10-05 S08C15-05 S08C20-05 S08C25-05 S08C32-05 S08C40-05 S08C50-05 S08C60-05
S08C10-07 S08C15-07 S08C20-07 S08C25-07 S08C32-07 S08C40-07 S08C50-07 S08C60-07
S08C10-11 S08C15-11 S08C20-11 S08C25-11 S08C32-11 S08C40-11 S08C50-11 S08C60-11
S08C10-13 S08C15-13 S08C20-13 S08C25-13 S08C32-13 S08C40-13 S08C50-13 S08C60-13

S12 Models

S12C10-23 S12C15-23 S12C20-23 S12C25-23 S12C32-23 S12C40-23 S12C50-23 S12C60-23
S12C10-27 S12C15-27 S12C20-27 S12C25-27 S12C32-27 S12C40-27 S12C50-27 S12C60-27
S12C10-31 S12C15-31 S12C20-31 S12C25-31 S12C32-31 S12C40-31 S12C50-31 S12C60-31
S12C10-34 S12C15-34 S12C20-34 S12C25-34 S12C32-34 S12C40-34 S12C50-34 S12C60-34
S12C10-36 S12C15-36 S12C20-36 S12C25-36 S12C32-36 S12C40-36 S12C50-36 S12C60-36

S13 Models

S13C10-23 S13C15-23 S13C20-23 S13C25-23 S13C32-23 S13C40-23 S13C50-23 S13C60-23
S13C10-27 S13C15-27 S13C20-27 S13C25-27 S13C32-27 S13C40-27 S13C50-27 S13C60-27
S13C10-31 S13C15-31 S13C20-31 S13C25-31 S13C32-31 S13C40-31 S13C50-31 S13C60-31
S13C10-34 S13C15-34 S13C20-34 S13C25-34 S13C32-34 S13C40-34 S13C50-34 S13C60-34
S13C10-36 S13C15-36 S13C20-36 S13C25-36 S13C32-36 S13C40-36 S13C50-36 S13C60-36

S14 Models

S14C10-23 S14C15-23 S14C20-23 S14C25-23 S14C32-23 S14C40-23 S14C50-23 S14C60-23
S14C10-27 S14C15-27 S14C20-27 S14C25-27 S14C32-27 S14C40-27 S14C50-27 S14C60-27
S14C10-31 S14C15-31 S14C20-31 S14C25-31 S14C32-31 S14C40-31 S14C50-31 S14C60-31
S14C10-34 S14C15-34 S14C20-34 S14C25-34 S14C32-34 S14C40-34 S14C50-34 S14C60-34
S14C10-36 S14C15-36 S14C20-36 S14C25-36 S14C32-36 S14C40-36 S14C50-36 S14C60-36

S19 Models

S19C10-23 S19C15-23 S19C20-23 S19C25-23 S19C32-23 S19C40-23 S19C50-23 S19C60-23
S19C10-27 S19C15-27 S19C20-27 S19C25-27 S19C32-27 S19C40-27 S19C50-27 S19C60-27
S19C10-31 S19C15-31 S19C20-31 S19C25-31 S19C32-31 S19C40-31 S19C50-31 S19C60-31
S19C10-34 S19C15-34 S19C20-34 S19C25-34 S19C32-34 S19C40-34 S19C50-34 S19C60-34
S19C10-36 S19C15-36 S19C20-36 S19C25-36 S19C32-36 S19C40-36 S19C50-36 S19C60-36

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