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Webinar: Applying Actuators in Lifting, Material Handling and Positioning Applications

Presented By: Carl Richter – VP / GM Kyntronics

Actuators are used in many lifting, material handling and machine positioning applications. These applications often involve heavy uneven loads, large platform surfaces, require precision accuracy and must be highly reliable.

Manufacturers of this equipment are faced with many challenges to meet the ever-increasing expectations of their customers including: increased flexibility, reduced energy consumption ("going green"), creating a cleaner working environment, improving process quality and high reliability / reducing maintenance costs.

In this webinar, learn about:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of different actuation technology including hydraulics, roller-screw / ball-screw actuators and self-contained servo-hybrid actuators
  • Considerations of side loading and proper support of machine elements
  • Synchronization of multiple actuators and control options
  • Achieving energy efficiency and providing a clean working environment