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Learn how to Maximize the Benefits of Actuator Performance to help achieve your “Sustainable Manufacturing” goals

Presented By: Carl Richter – VP / GM Kyntronics

A growing number of global manufacturers are realizing significant environmental, social and economic benefits by using sustainable business practices. These practices are often in response to investor demands, regulatory mandates, environmental concerns and competitive market dynamics. Manufacturing is playing an ever-larger role in a company’s sustainable strategy and many manufacturers are including sustainable manufacturing objectives in their machine specifications.

Actuators perform critical functions in many manufacturing processes and are an integral component on many machines and automated systems. Kyntronics’ VP/GM Carl Richter reviews how different actuation technologies contribute to a company’s sustainable manufacturing goals. This educational event will include an in-depth examination of how each type of actuator impacts the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable manufacturing along with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) considerations.

This webinar is highly relevant to engineers and executives of manufacturers, machine builders, automation system integrators and OEMs who are considering sustainable manufacturing initiatives or who already have active sustainable manufacturing strategies in place.