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Replacing HPUs and Hydraulic Cylinders… Avoid the risks, experience the benefits

Presented By: Carl Richter – VP / GM Kyntronics

Equipment manufacturers are continually challenged to meet ever-increasing market expectations including: increasing equipment flexibility, reducing energy consumption, creating a cleaner and more ergonomic working environment, improving process quality and increasing reliability / reducing maintenance costs. HPUs and hydraulic cylinders are used in many varieties of equipment. To meet the demands outlined above, equipment manufacturers are designing out hydraulics in favor of alternative actuation technologies

Learn what several equipment manufacturers have done to eliminate hydraulics from their machines while addressing these challenges and avoiding the pitfalls of alternative actuation technologies.

In this webinar, learn about:

  • Important application success factors when designing HPUs and hydraulic cylinders out of your machines
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different actuation technology including hydraulics, roller-screw / ball-screw actuators and self-contained servo-hybrid actuators
  • Cost of ownership; both up-front and operating costs
  • Maximizing the benefits of alternative actuation technology