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Security Wedge Barrier Actuator

Application: Security Barriers

Product: S-Series SMART Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Security wedge barriers are vital for protecting critical facilities. Robust actuator design is a key to dependable barrier operation. They must activate with the necessary speed and force to raise and lower barriers reliably and consistently on command.

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Security barrier actuators face two main challenges:

  • Assuring reliable operation, especially for barriers residing below ground level.
  • Providing speed and force where limited supply power is available—typically 230VAC single phase.

Wedges and bollards are generally installed below ground, where pits will accumulate water and debris. Here, actuators are susceptible to contamination causing premature wear and failure.

Barriers installed in remote locations typically have limited power available. This impacts an actuator’s ability to produce speed and force. With any Security Barrier, fast and complete deployment is essential.

Up to now, Security Barrier manufacturers have used hydraulic cylinders with HPUs or roller-screw EMAs for actuation. Hydraulics have the disadvantage of requiring frequent maintenance including oil and filter changes, and leaks that occur present environmental issues. EMAs use rotating screws that draw contaminants in during motion, which means they lose Ingress Protection, whether IP65 or IP67, the rating is “Static” or nonmoving. Contamination results in early failure unless separate air pumps are used to supply positive pressure.


Kyntronics SMART Electro-Hydraulic Actuators (SHA) solve these problems and more. Self- contained and totally sealed, the SHA operates reliably and dependably without requiring any routine maintenance--despite water immersion. More energy efficiency provides the highest force/speed combinations available—especially critical wherever 230V / 1PH is supplied. The modular design of the SHA allows it to be configured to fit the limited space available.


Kyntronics SHAs implemented on Security Barrier Systems provide key benefits to System Designers and Manufacturers:

  • The IP67 rating of the SHA eliminated the failures an OEM was having with EMAs and eliminated the need for spring-assist mechanisms and air pump system.
  • The SHA eliminated the HPU, hoses and hydraulic cylinders used on a previous generation hydraulic machine resulting in fewer components, a cleaner working environment, and no maintenance.
  • One SHA configuration that was deployed achieved 8,000 LBs of force at a speed of 8 IPS using 230V / 1PH power which significantly exceeded the roller screw EMA’s capabilities and eliminated the need for spring- assist mechanisms.

The all-in-one Kyntronics SHA provides a problem- solving, innovative solution for the Security Barrier Market.

Security Barrier Wedge Actuator Security Barrier Wedge


blister pack machine SHA Angled Configuration installed in a Security Wedge Barrier. (shown in yellow square)

Parallel ConfigurationParallel Configuration: 5,000 LBs Force

Manual backup operationManual backup operation

Angled ConfigurationAngled Configuration: 7,600 LBs Force

Cordless drill attachment shown in yellow box.