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Industrial Machinery

For industrial machinery that requires precise control of large forces, Kyntronics EHA  and EMA systems provide a cost-effective solution for industrial applications including:

  • Work holding equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Plastic Molding
  • Material handling
  • Special Machines / Automation

Read our case study about the SMART Hydraulic Actuator used to replace a roller screw type actuator that was causing performance issues for a Tier 1 automotive manufacturer.

Kyntronics Actuator Benefits for Industrial Machinery Applications:

Products - Electro-Hydraulic and Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Our actuators and motion control systems excel at multiple key performance needs of industrial machinery including:

  • High force in a compact package.  Up to 40,000 LBs force (178kN)
  • Eliminates hydraulic infrastructure, reduces cost and maintenance, environmentally friendly
  • Precise position, speed and force control, high-speed, smooth motion
  • Multi-axis synchronization
  • Power On-demand, energy efficient
  • Rugged design, very reliable
  • Programmable & Flexible
  • Field Bus compatible control interface

Read more about our motion control systems including Electro-Mechanical and Electro-Hydraulic Actuators (EHA), or contact us to find out how Kyntronics can help meet your industrial machinery needs.

High-Speed / High Force All-In-One Actuator

NEW Actuator Product solves the problem of having to oversize actuation components for applications that have a rapid stroke at low force with a load stroke at high force.

High Speed High Force Actuator

Download High-Speed / High-Force Actuator Brochure


Case Study

Application: Driveshaft Vibration Damper Insertion Assembly Press

Product: Kyntronics SMART Hydraulic Actuator



Tier 1 automotive supplier in Michigan was experiencing performance issues and premature failure/short life with their existing Electro-Mechanical – Roller Screw type actuator solution. The repeated load cycle was causing accelerated localized wear of the roller screw. In addition, the variation in friction between damper and driveshaft tube components was causing force spikes and shock loads further damaging the roller screw actuators.

To replace the existing Roller Screw type actuator, the supplier would need high force and precision control in a compact space envelope. Traditional hydraulic system approach and a larger electro-mechanical actuator were considered to replace the system. However, the hydraulic system occupied too much floor space and did not provide accurate control. The larger electro-mechanical actuators grew in footprint considerably and cost was prohibitive.


48in Axle Tube Press SHAThe Kyntronics SMART Hydraulic Actuator model # SHA S13C20-31 with 40-inch stroke was selected based on force and speed requirements. The solution was an all-in-one system with servo motor, drive, and actuator that was drop in ready.

In addition, the unit was provided with internal feedback device to provide accurate positioning without possible interference when pressing into long drive shafts.

The Kyntronics SHA provided the high force required in a compact space envelope. The SHA combines the power of hydraulics with the precision of servo control resulting in a more-reliable solution for this customer while providing the position and force accuracy for repeatable quality from this assembly process.

The SHA will provide long maintenance-free operation as the SHA is a closed system with no hoses/no leaks and robust seals (60 million inches of travel).

Find out more about the advantages of SMART Hydraulic Actuators compared to hydraulic actuators or roller screw actuators.


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