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A Tier 1 automotive supplier was experiencing performance issues with premature failure and high maintenance on their existing Electro-Mechanical – Roller Screw type actuators used in an axle damper / wheel bearing press. The repeated load cycle was causing accelerated wear of the roller screw. In addition, the variation in friction between damper bushings and driveshaft tube components was causing force spikes and shock loads further damaging the roller screw actuators.

To replace the existing Roller Screw type actuator, the supplier would need high force and precision control in a compact space envelope. A hydraulic cylinder actuator bearing press system approach and a larger electro-mechanical actuator were considered to replace the system. However, the hydraulic system HPU would have occupied too much floor space and did not provide accurate control. If the assembly press used a larger electro-mechanical actuator, the footprint would grow considerably in size and cost would become prohibitive.


A Kyntronics SMART Hydraulic Actuator with 40-inch stroke was selected based on force and speed requirements. The solution was an all-in-one system with servo motor, drive, and actuator that was drop-in ready.

In addition, the unit was provided with an internal feedback device to provide accurate positioning without possible interference when pressing into long axle tubes.


  • The SHA provided the high force required in a compact footprint which fit into the available space on the machine easily.
  • The SHA combines power and precision resulting in a more-reliable solution for this Tier 1 customer while providing the position and force accuracy for repeatable quality for this assembly process.
  • Due to the SHA’s tolerance of “shock loads” and “load spikes” it will provide long, maintenance-free operation compared with the Electro-Mechanical Roller Screw actuator it replaced.
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Kyntronics SMART Hydraulic Actuators are ideal for Assembly applications where precise control, high force, and minimal maintenance are required

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  • Bearing Assembly   learn more >>
  • Crimping
  • Riveting and Staking
  • Seal Assembly
  • Thermal Assembly Presses
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Welding

Products – SMART Hydraulic Actuators (SHA); S-series, E-series, H-series.

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Kyntronics Actuator Benefits for Assembly Applications:

  • Up to 170,000 LBs of force (755kN) in a compact package
  • All-In-One solution; eliminates hydraulics reducing cost, floor space, noise and maintenance
  • Highly tolerant of shock loads and pre-mature wear compared with Ball Screw / Roller Screw actuators.
  • Servo precision control; press to position, press to a force, or a combination of both
  • Multi-axis synchronization
  • Very energy efficient uses Power On-demand.
  • Rugged design, minimal maintenance
  • Programmable & Flexible
  • Field Bus compatible control interface

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Kyntronics SMART Hydraulics actuators can be used for assembly applications in several industries including:

aerospaceDefense / Military
Medical EquipmentMedical Equipment
Metals - Metal FabricationMetals / Metal Fabrication

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A Heavy Truck Axle manufacturer procured a horizontal assembly press machine for a new Axle line from a Special Machine Builder to replace an existing hydraulic press. The new line needed to achieve improved process quality for the assembly press machine station as part of a company-wide initiative to improve throughput and reduce rework.

In addition, the manufacturer had a requirement to minimize the use of hydraulics and eliminate hydraulic actuator assemblies in the plant due to the advantages of being environmentally cleaner, providing significant energy savings, reducing floor space and quieter operation.

The customers’ “minimal hydraulics” mandate created unique challenges for the Machine Builder due to the high forces required in the assembly press stations.


The Machine Builder considered using electro-mechanical actuators (EMA) but found that the large footprint and prohibitively expensive cost of EMA technology was and would not meet their project requirements. In addition, the builder had concerns about EMA screw life due to the uneven “spike loads” the actuators would be subject to during production.

After careful consideration, the Machine Builder selected Kyntronics All-in-One SMART Hydraulic Actuators (SHA) for the linear actuators on the horizontal assembly stations on the new Axle line. The SHAs were rated for 45,000 lbf (200kN) of force and were provided in a parallel configuration providing the force required in a compact package that fit the available space envelope.

The SHA actuator assembly provides precise and repeatable control of applied force and position which was critical for the quality standards required from the new assembly press machine. In addition, the SHAs utilized Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) Servo Motors and Drives which met the customer’s control specifications.


  • The SHAs All-in-One feature eliminated the need for an HPU and hydraulic infrastructure on the new machine resulting in less space required for the machine, a clean working environment, quieter operation, and substantial energy savings.
  • The SHA’s use of precision force and position control exceeded the Axle manufacturer’s stringent quality requirements and helped improve output of defect-free assemblies.
  • The SHA provided very reliable, maintenance-free operation despite the uneven loads experienced during the assembly process.
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