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A Packaging Automation Special Machine builder needed an innovative actuation solution in response to their customers’ frequent requests to eliminate hydraulics from their machines. To help improve their packing process and equipment, their customers wanted machines that had a smaller footprint, were more energy efficient, were quieter and that operated much cleaner with lower maintenance, all benefits of eliminating hydraulics.

The “no hydraulics” mandate presented some unique challenges for the Machine Builder due to the high forces required in the die-cut stations.

The machine builder also wanted to offer packaging process machines with improved process control and faster change-over time to increase their packaging machine flexibility and automate the linear actuation functions.


The Machine Builder considered alternative solutions including electro-mechanical actuators (EMA) but found that with a requirement for 12,000 Lbs. or more of force, the large size and high cost of EMA technology was prohibitively expensive.

The Machine Builder decided to incorporate Kyntronics SMART Hydraulic Actuators (SHA) for their new, non-hydraulic machine blister pack die-cut stations. The SHAs were rated for 12,100 Lbf. (54kN) of force and were provided in an inverted parallel configuration which allowed the all-in-one SHA to fit the available space envelope.

The SHA’s built-in closed-loop position and force control functions provided a substantial improvement in process control compared with the previously used hydraulic cylinders. In addition, an Ethernet IP interface was used to communicate between the machine PLC and the SHA servo controller. This allowed position and force control parameters to be instantaneously downloaded allowing quick changeovers and increased packaging machine flexibility


The Kyntronics SHAs implemented on the Blister Pack Machine die-cut stations exceeded the requirements of the machine builder including the following highlights:

  • The SHA eliminated the HPU, hoses and hydraulic cylinders used on the previous generation machine resulting in a smaller machine footprint, cleaner working environment, quieter operation, and substantial energy savings.
  • The SHA’s precision position and force control allowed much tighter synchronization of the die-cut station with the machine conveyor speed and improved the quality of die-cut registration.
  • The all-in-one pre-engineered SHA system from Kyntronics saved the machine builder significant assembly and test time compared with the previously used hydraulic system.
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