Innovation in Motion

Compact All-In-One Electro-Hydraulic Actuation Solution for Pneumatic Cylinder and Electro-Mechanical Actuator Upgrades

E-Series Features:

  • Low-Voltage DC Brushless Servo Motorenergy saving
  • Servo-Controlled, Precise Displacement, Bi-Directional Variable Speed Pump
  • Manifold with Integral Valve Controls
  • Heavy-Duty Rod / Cylinder with Patent-Pending Rod Compensation
  • Integral Servo Drive / Motion Controller
  • High-Resolution Position Sensor
  • Optional Pressure Sensor for Force Control Operation
  • IP68 Totally-Enclosed Option


Kyntronics has an extensive library of E-Series CAD models to help you with engineering and specification development with our electro hydraulic actuators.

E-series SMART electro-hydraulic actuator

A Complete Actuation System that is Factory Engineered and Ready to Install

E-Series: Compact, Cost-Effective SMART Electro Hydraulic Actuators


The E-series SMART Hydraulic Actuator (SHA) is a fully-integrated electro hydraulic actuator with cylinder, motor and drive that is ideal for upgrading from pneumatic cylinders or electro-mechanical actuators to a higher-performance solution.

  • Built-in precision servo control of position, force and speed.
  • Eliminates costly, messy and energy-wasting hydraulic power units used with hydraulic cylinders and the all-in-one design of the SHA eliminates hoses and leaky connections.
  • The SHA's high force-density provides a very cost-effective alternative to Electro-Mechanical actuators and requires far less maintenance.
  • DC brushless servo motor and drive provides built-in precise control of position, force and speed; costly and difficult to do with hydraulic cylinders.
  • Ideal in rugged applications that damage and cause pre-mature failure with ball screw/roller screw actuators.
  • Optional IP 68 package for environmentally sensitive environments.
  • A complete all-in-one package that is factory-tuned and ready to install saving hours of time.


Overview Specifications:

  • Force Range: Up to 9,500 lbf (42 kN)
  • Speed: Up to 10.6 in/s (269 mm/s)
  • Stroke Length Up to 120” (3,048 mm)
  • Voltage: 12, 24, 48 or 72 VDC
  • Configurations: Parallel, In-Line, 90 degree
  • IP68 Rated


Typical Applications